The only paltform you’ll need to power your HR life.
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Source | Screen | Hire

Recin is a cutting edge, artificial intelligence-based hiring platform that can make hiring fast, reliable, and secure. It's the perfect solution for your hiring need.

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Join | Train | Retain

We take care of your HR processes while you take care of your employees. From onboarding and attendance management to time tracking and appraisals, we've got it all at Asmay HRMS.

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Meet | Greet | Repeat

Asmay Remote will enable you to take your work remote. We have brought together the most comprehensive suite of inter-connected mobile apps that will help you and your team communicate, collaborate and be productive.

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Gain | Spend | Retain

Asmay Accounts will manages your finances, automates business workflows, and helps you work collectively across departments without any hassel.

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Assess | Control | Improve

Identify your employees' strengths and weaknesses. Set goals, gather 360-degree feedback, and review performance. Bridge the gap between where employees are and where they need to be.

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Eat | Work | Repeat

Work is evolving, so are workspaces. WorkX unifies and centralizes your team's workspace, improvise productivity, and streamlines team cluture.

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A stand alone platform for all your HR needs

We believe HRs have other things to do, so we build asmay to take care of your end-to-end HR process.